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About Me

That’s it. I’d like some fresh, clear, well-seasoned perspective. Can you suggest a good wine to go with that? Anton Ego (Ratatouille)

My niece gave me new perspective. Taking pictures of her made apparent my passion for photography. I am fascinated by everything from nature’s beauty to the glamor of dancers and models. I love to experiment and test the limits. I believe that the smallest of details add a new dimension. I am a fast learning, easy going, fun loving, thrill seeking software engineer and an aspiring photographer. I am the senior photographer and concept designer for BLD Magazine based out of Canada.

My Services

Birth Photography

Documenting the anticipation between you & your partner before the birth of your child & the special first meeting between you and your newborn.

Dance Photography

Dancing is one of the finest art forms. The graceful movements are poetry in motion translating that dynamism and energy of dance into unforgettable pictures.

Fashion, Glamour, Portfolio

Every stage of a fashion shoot, from casting the styling team and model to the shoot day: in-studio & on-location, lighting techniques, model direction and retouching.

Portraits Photography

Every individual is unique and special, and it is an exciting challenge to reveal their personality through my eyes.

Wedding Photography

Capture the most memorable moments of your special day with your loved one.

Event Photography

Photographing event might sound unglamorous or boring, but the truth is the idea of event photography is beautifully vague and challenging.

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